You and I – Jugpreet Bajwa & Mellodye Mafiaa

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The name of the song “You And I” has been inspired by the Assamese word, ‘Fagun’ which means ‘spring’. Though, in the literal sense, it is just a reference to a season, in the symbolic sense, however, it can carry a plethora of varied meanings in our lives. The song essentially tries to capture the affection of a doting lover and how his mundane life has been rekindled with passion, happiness and love in the presence of the girl that he admires.

It also talks about his beloved in high terms. Comparing her to the fresh breath of spring which adds “new life and new beauty to all that is”. Love, then, just like the spring season, becomes an enriching experience which nourishes his soul and uplifts him to a state of euphoria. To all the beautiful listeners of Mellodye Mafiaa we dedicate this song to you. You guys are the real ‘spring’ of our lives! Sit back, relax and enjoy the “Mellowdye” Cheers

—– Ayushman Dutta

You And I available on iTunes and Spotify.
Vocals – Jugpreet Bajwa
Lyrics – Jagbir and Jugpreet Bajwa
Music -Mellodye Mafiaa
Guitars – Shane Khemprai
Mixing Engineer – Cezar White, Vancouver (Canada)
Mastering – Mike Cervantes @ Foxboro LLC (USA)
Lyrical Video: Bir Singh

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